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Three-time Grammy® Nominee
Seven-time Emmy® Nominee
Critics’ Choice Award Nominee 

My Own Particular Life

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Musical Credits

Produced by Lorraine Feather and Eddie Arkin  
Lyrics, lead vocals and background vocals: Lorraine Feather 
Mixed by Don Murray
Music: Eddie Arkin, Shelly Berg, Russell Ferrante, and Dave Grusin  
Piano: Shelly Berg, Russell Ferrante, Dave Grusin 
Bass: Michael Valerio, Chuck Bergeron 
Drums and percussion: Michael Shapiro, Dafnis Prieto 
Guitar: Eddie Arkin, Grant Geissman 
Violin: Charlie Bisharat
Cello: Jacob Braun

Cover image: Michael Ticcino 
Booklet photography: Natalie Sinisgalli 

Publishing/lyrics representation: Air-Edel 

Publicist for My Own Particular Life: Michael Bloom 

Radio promotion for My Own Particular Life: Michael Carlson 

Hear a sample of each song

[MOPL is] a tapestry of painful and joyous lifetime recollections layered together with engaging music
and arranging by [Lorraine’s] collaborators. She uses a sing-talk narrative style that has a Kurt Weill,
storytelling feel. In this regard, the album has the sound of an intimate soundtrack, and in some ways, it

One of the most creative and intellectual of today’s songsmiths … [MOPL is] a unique and thought-provoking album.

Lorraine Feather didn’t let a pandemic get in the way of recording the latest in the series of her
artistically consistent, distinctive, professionally produced and wry discography of odd observations and
very personal experiences.
Flash! Art, assisted by technology, overcomes virus!

This is thunderous musical performance and masterful collaboration at its highest level, guided by lyrics that are the first real literary appraisal of love in the time of pandemia.

Carl Hager, All About Jazz

A brilliant jazz singer/lyricist and tireless musical explorer … [My Own Particular Life is] the latest of her
long string of groundbreaking CDs

Janet Coleman, WBAI, NY

Genius jazz vocalist of the highest order. Pure quality.

Michael O’Donnell—Soul Discovery, UK

One of the finest lyricists of the past 20 years … This may be her most personal album … but there are also new examples of her delightful humor.

Richard Kamins, Step Tempest (2021 – Music that Moved, Soothed, Educated, and Inspired)

An exceptional vocalist …the most literate lyrics in jazz.

C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz (notable releases of 2021)

I did not start seriously writing lyrics until I was in my thirties, at which time the endeavor became the centerpiece of my life. Following are a few of the lyrics that are never absent from my head very long. There are probably hundreds more.

My Own Particular Life is singer/songwriter Lorraine Feather’s latest epic addition to her prolific library. Her intricately woven pieces of life are again as engaging as ever, with words and notes working together to create wonderfully original musical short stories … Another truly fantastic recording by Feather and all involved.


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LF in front of Ludwig's—Rochester, NY

LF in front of Ludwig’s—Rochester, NY (photo by Natalie Sinisgalli)

LF in front of the Dryden Theatre—Rochester, NY

LF in front of the Dryden Theatre—Rochester, NY (photo by Natalie Sinisgalli)

Matt Ramerman—Green Room Audio in Rochester, NY (UL); Eric Astor—The Hideway in Chatsworth, CA (UR); Lorraine Feather; Eddie Arkin

Lorraine Feather and Eddie Arkin (photo by MIkel Healey)