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I live in what’s called the East Avenue Historic District. East Avenue is a street of massive trees, and some of the most breathtaking old mansions I’ve seen, including the George Eastman House. There are smaller homes on the side streets, uniquely pretty. Also, sumptuous gardens everywhere. Rochester is called The Flower City; it was Flour City until 1950, and that’s all the history I’ll get into.  

Rochester is home to a famous jazz station, WGMC. There’s a huge jazz fest here in the summer. The Lilac Festival in the spring. The Fringe Festival happens in September. 

So, I’ve found that Rochester is an inspiring place in which to live and create. I’m promoting my current album, Math Camp; traveling to LA next week to do some writing for CD 2021, with Eddie Arkin and Russell Ferrante; and about to start rehearsal for a duo performance at the Rochester Academy of Medicine music series with pianist Bill Dobbins. 

My work on In the Wash, a musical set in 19th century Paris, is ongoing. The producer, Kat de Blois, lives in Paris. The composer, Nan Schwartz, is based in Los Angeles. What a world. 

Portico, George Eastman House Lisa Cook
High Falls By Night 
Photo by Raymond Fudge  
Swerve 2 
Photo by Patrick L. Castania 
Strong-Todd House 
By Tim Pierce – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.
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Lorraine Feather

Lorraine Feather is a lyricist and jazz singer. She has written lyrics for film and TV and performed widely, but is best known for the independently-produced albums of original material she began creating in the late 1990s. These albums have received 5 Grammy nominations, 3 for Best Jazz Vocal Album. Feather has also been nominated for 7 Emmys and one Critics' Choice Award.