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From time to time, I get requests for lead sheets or charts of the songs my co-writers and I have created for my various albums. Every songwriter wants to have his/her music performed, and if someone likes a piece of music well enough to want to learn it, that’s an honor in itself. So, I’ve started to make some of the printed music available here, as well as the lyrics I’ve always had on the album pages.

In some cases, I’ve got a full lead sheet of a song, with lyrics included under the melody. More often, it’s either a rhythm chart, or individual charts for a rhythm section or big band. The newer charts were provided to me by the composers in digital form; I scanned the older ones, so apologies in advance for anything less than visual perfection, like crookedness or blots.  In most cases “the ink is good,” meaning that the chart is correct, but sometimes changes are made on the spur of the moment when we record, and these may not be reflected. I don’t read music, so I can’t tell.

I’ve starting with some of the tunes that people have requested, or that have been favorites over the years. Please let me know if you have further suggestions.

Have at it!