Author: Lorraine Feather

Lorraine Feather is a lyricist and jazz singer. She has written lyrics for film and TV and performed widely, but is best known for the independently-produced albums of original material she began creating in the late 1990s. These albums have received 5 Grammy nominations, 3 for Best Jazz Vocal Album. Feather has also been nominated for 7 Emmys and one Critics' Choice Award.


Glasses soon to disappear into the great unknown For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trouble holding onto things. It started with my tendency to divest myself of glasses, coats, hats and countless items of little-girl jewelry when I was a child in New York City. As a teen and a young woman, I picked up various nicknames that mocked me for this well-known failing, including “Lorraine...

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Attachments Album Review

Attachments review [August 13, 2013] Singer Lorraine Feather’s engaging delivery and words combine to present a mesmerizing musical painting … the latest of Feather’s wonderfully inventive productions, featuring songs of life and relationships of every kind … [she] is one of the most daring and creative modern jazz vocalists. –Glenn Daniels, JazzPage Lorraine Feather is that...

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Tales of the Unusual Album Review by

Tales of the Unusual Album Review by (February 14, 2012) “My idea for this album was to write, with my musician collaborators, a collection of songs about unusual adventures, both real and surreal; odd people; and in some cases, ordinary people suddenly overwhelmed by a new emotion of one kind or another.” –Lorraine Feather Lorraine Feather was born to either write...

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Interview for allaboutjazz by Nicholas F. Mondello

An interview on the website AllAboutJazz. Read the full article here> By its very title, Language, from singer and lyricist Lorraine Feather, implies that Feather and company believe that they have the musical and linguistic chops to take on such a sophisticated concept for our entertainment. So it’s good to find that Feather is a heavyweight who—with a championship caliber crew in...

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