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This is just a short note to say that sort of blew up a few months ago (it's a long story), and I am in the process of having the site rebuilt. So, for now:

  If you're visiting here, you may know that I'm a lyricist and jazz singer. I live in central Massachusetts with my cat Albert Einstein.

  I'm in the midst of completing my 12th album of original material since the late1990s. This one is called Math Camp, and produced by me and my longtime friend and co-writer Eddie Arkin. 

  My last four albums received five Grammy nominations, three in the Best Jazz Vocal Album category, two for arrangements by another of my co-writers, Shelly Berg. Also, Eddie and I received a Critics' Choice nomination for "The Rules Don't Apply," the title song for Warren Beatty’s 2016 film Rules Don't Apply, starring Warren, Annette Bening, Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenreich. The music trailer for the film is here.

  and my own version, available as a single and to be included on Math Camp, is here.

  Bye for now, thanks for stopping by—and if you want to engage my lyric-writing services, please contact my agent Maggie Rodford at Air-Edel [].  


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