B.B. King
October 10, 2018
Dueling Style Guides
October 11, 2018

If I have an idea for a song, I usually just start a Word document. Sometimes, though, I like to sit in a comfy chair with a spiral notebook and a Pentel Rolling Writer (medium point). It creeps me out when the notebook has too few blank pages left and I get a new one, though of course I use the blank pages for something or other rather than wasting paper. I prefer a physical thesaurus or rhyming dictionary, though Visual Thesaurus is kinda cool. I’m fond of my paperback thesaurus, the front cover partially eaten by one of our dogs. The rhyming dictionary I use now is The New Comprehensive American Rhyming Dictionary. It has a lot of slang, and phrases one might not think of. A search for a rhyme for “braver,” yields “little shaver,” rant and raver,” and “hemidemisemiquaver.”