Physical vs Virtual
October 10, 2018

When to use a hyphen, whether to capitalize after a colon, how to use ellipses … Please drop me a note if I did the ellipses thing wrong there, because I justThe Chicago Manual of Style can’t bear to look it up one more time. The rules are not always definitive, and sometimes the most-used style guides (see how I hyphenated “most-used?” There’s a rule about that) are at odds with each other. My new album is called Flirting with Disaster. Do you think the “with” should be capitalized? The Associated Press says to capitalize all words longer than three letters. Chicago style says five or more for prepositions. I’m going with Chicago, because I like the way the titles looks abbreviated with a small W, FwD. I often refer to Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips when I’m confused.